Worship In Zion-Part 3

Posted By on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Worship in Zion - Part 3

Jerusalem relates to praise (our rejoicing for all that He had done for us), while Zion relates to a purity of worship to the Lord, for who He is. As we begin to worship, we enter into a state of rest, for we have come to the end of all that relates to ourselves. We are lifted above our thanking the Lord in praise for all that He has done for us and has given to us; and we ascend into a high level of worship that flows up to the Throne in an expression of pure love to the Lord.

David had a special musical talent and ability to give expression to pure worship. As he worshipped, prophetic revelation flowed, and the Psalms were written.

“There will I make the horn of David to bud: I have ordained a lamp for My anointed.” Psalm 132:17

This “lamp” speaks of prophetic anointing and revelation, which flows up to the Lord through our worship. When we worship, and prayerfully wait in His presence, the anointing will be released and a high level of revelation will begin to flow into our spirit.

Few within the early Church could read or write. They did not have a Bible, and yet they turned the world of that day upside down. They did this through prophetic revelation, which flowed as they worshipped.