The Brain And Mind-Part 2

Posted By on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Matthew 4:1-11
Sin is an invisible power that comes from Satan. It’s impact on the mind is to stimulate the brain to think in terms of urges, fantasies and ideas that distract from and destroy one’s Divine potential. Satan gains entrance to decision making, problem solving activities through urges, fantasies and ideas.

Eve and Adam faced this challenge in Genesis 3:

Fantasy – Of being like God
Urge – Eat the fruit
Idea – Unlimited freedom even freedom to disobey God

Matthew 4:3 – IDEA
Stones to bread
Jesus Response: Man shall not live by bread alone – SCRIPTURE

Matthew 4:5 – URGE
Jump – the devil even used Scripture
Jesus Response: Don’t test your God – SCRIPTURE

Matthew 4:6 – FANTASY
Worship me – I will give you the kingdoms of this world
Jesus Response: Go away Satan! Worship only God – SCRIPTURE

Sinful – unregenerate mind is left with:

A. Self-Image – Luke 10:27
B. Self-Talk – What we say about ourselves, others and God
C. Self-Awareness rooted in guilt and shame – Naked and vulnerable as in the garden