Glorious Church-Part 3

Posted By on Friday, September 15, 2017


Yet there appeared a light upon the dim horizon. Reformation began and the power of God again sprang up into the earth. Martyrs multiplied in the ravaging fires of persecution. Great was the commotion as men trembled and shook under the mighty blasts of truth. But far too soon the new movement waned and the Church again drifted into doctrine and religious form.

Thus, over and again, has God moved upon chosen men to shed forth His light. In these last days, the Holy Spirit has again been poured out, as at the beginning. Great has been the manifestations of His power. Many were the in-gatherings; glorious the results.

But alas! Again failure is to be found at every turn. Those who thirst for power to rule, again become prominent. Rather than wait for the Holy Spirit to move, they grieve Him by taking charge, until confusion and discord reigns.

At the tower of Babel, a concerted sinful plot had been prevented, through Divine intervention; by a confusion of languages, which divided the children of men. Through miraculous gifts of “language” at Pentecost, God took the first step toward the restoration of the unity of the race, taking it from the realm of natural man, back into the realm of the supernatural.

The Church is God’s workshop, the ground floor of His activity, builded together for His habitation, through the Spirit. “You are God’s building … You are God’s husbandry” (I Corinthians 3:9). Her activities are to be the activities of God, in great power. If one speaks, it is to be as the oracle of God. Prayer is to be a “praying in the Holy Spirit.” Worship is to rise up into the realm of “singing in the Spirit.” Believers are to be manifestly filled with praise, joy, and peace, through the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:4-13).