Glorious Church-Part 2

Posted By on Thursday, September 14, 2017


“And of the rest dared no man join himself to them….” Acts 5:13

Should the believing Pharisees attempt a law crusade, there followed an apostolic sentence from Heaven. Divine government had full sway. When the minister opened his mouth, there flowed a stream of the anointed Word of God, living and powerful, which penetrated and exposed the hearers to the very core of their being.

The knotty problems of wily foes surfaced, but wisdom adequate to every need operated. All the questions of Jewish law and tradition were so answered that they could say never a word. The gift of knowledge abounded, giving direction, disclosing conditions, and revealing hidden thoughts. Salvations, healings, and miracles flowed like a river. The blind saw, the deaf heard, the cripple leaped with joy. Divine order governed, as those who had been Satan-bound were loosed.

But, something strange entered the Church, now so full of glory. A Balaam with his illicit doctrines and proposals arose, and havoc followed. A love for power and the favor of man enticed the ministering class. Human rule crowded Divine government until the gifts waned.

Now the educated preacher (by man’s standards) who spoke did so solely by man’s skill. The Spirit waned. Kings and riches befriended the Church until she boasted, “I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.” She educated the priesthood, but kept the common people illiterate.

When the Church was clothed with Jesus Christ, she shone with the light of the Sun of Righteousness. But now stripped of heavenly garments, she reflected but the light of the moon. Her purity, holiness, and the righteousness of Christ, had been exchanged for the rags of selfishness, pride, intolerance, and worldliness.