Building A Kingdom Culture-Part 2

Posted By on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

There are multiple troughs you can feed out of right now. There is a whole bunch of horrible news you can feed out of in one and there is incredibly good news in another. I’ve been feeding out of this one full of good news for so long, people have to remind me that this other one exists.

When you feed in this one called bad news its so easy to come under it. It’s easy to come under the weight of infirmity, affliction and torment of the mind.

Being a people with constant good news is “living in denial.” It’s when the enemy makes a suggestion, you reply “request denied. It’s the right kind of denial. You don’t dwell on the garbage that the enemy feeds out to people.

What we have really worked hard at for the last 20 years; especially over the last 8 years is to try to build a culture on what God is doing right now. Trying to arrange our conversation, thinking, planning and praying around that.